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Layer: Gippsland_2D_Infill_Bathymetry_2015_GA0352 (ID: 0)

Sub Layers: Name: Gippsland_2D_Infill_Bathymetry_2015_GA0352

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Type: Mosaic Layer

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Description: Geoscience Australia conducted a marine seismic survey (GA-0352) over various areas of the Gippsland Basin, between 5th of April to the 24th of April 2015, by the Gardline CGG vessel MV Duke. This service includes all the bathymetry data collected during the survey, with the data also available as a free download from the Geoscience Australia website. The aim of the survey was to acquire industry-standard precompetitive 2D seismic data, Multi-beam echo-sounder (MBES) and sub-bottom profiling (SBP) data to support an assessment of the CO2 storage potential of the basin. The survey, undertaken as part of the Department of Industry and Science’s National CO2 Infrastructure Plan (NCIP), aimed to identify and characterise indicators of natural hydrocarbon or fluid seepage that may indicate compromised seal integrity in the region. The data collected during this survey will enhance sequence stratigraphic studies in the Gippsland Basin that provide constraints on the most suitable areas for storage of CO2 and help to identify potential CO2 storage reservoirs.

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Copyright Text: © Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2015. This product is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

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